bankie phones / fuck con joint

February 8, 2009

bankie phonezzzz

bankie phonezzzz

there’s this young kid in minneapolis who does techno called Bankie Phones: 

We did a show in October and recently made a track –  he sent me some harsh techno sounds and I added cut up pieces of an old disco song called LOVE AFFAIR w/ some more of my own drums and synth stuff.  this is the result of the first song:


I want to mention that this blog isn’t a music blog – or even a promotion blog for my music projects really.  But I will be posting tracks as I make them.  Because it’s one part of this complex being, known as fuck con.


3 Responses to “bankie phones / fuck con joint”

  1. Jana said

    Go to “Users” and then “Your profile” dawg. And then change your gravitron. Or gravatar, rather. Because it makes more sense? Thanks for the recommendos! YOUSENDIT! EHHHH!

  2. ok I’ll send it in the mail? or a different file service? is that service off putting to you? zshare? WHAT UPPPPPPP

  3. Jana said

    NO! That was a GOOD Ehhhhhhh! I know, it’s hard to tell sometimes.

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