downstairs first

February 8, 2009

I’m testing video, and I’m actually kinda pissed it’s so difficult to post videos and flash audio players into wordpress.  But I suppose that’s why they call it wordpress – not videopress.  Anyway, I was testing VIMEO videos, IMEEN sound capsules, FAIRTILIZER, and having problems so if you know the trick, please let me know.  I think I may be onto something though-  because I noticed YOUTUBE videos are really easy to add and that WordPress automatically adds a little piece of code at the start and end of the link.

Anyway, since you’re here you may as well check out the video.  I think at some point I’m going to do a tribute post just for that night.  I have a great quantity of pics, audio, and video footage of the weirdest show of I attended in 2008.  It was my friends’ band Athletes in Slacks playing at this little hole in the wall bar, The Terminal Bar. 

So then, this video shows (well, it’s dark but maybe I’ll edit this and the others for the mega post later) my brother getting teased by the Eastern European sound lady.  It starts with her telling him he has love handles, and just keeps getting better from there. It goes without saying the 1rudecrudelewddude blog with have some stinky language, so put your headphones on.


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