February 9, 2009

Tiffany GMR-GRL

Tiffany GMR-GRL

Go ahead and take a moment to look at my profile.  Appreciate every detail.   My games.. my blogs.. my “favs”.

Then think back – maybe even log in.  Were you my friend?  Did we ever have a meaningful conversation about videogames?  Did you hit on me?  Did you think I was pretty?

UGLY AND OR GOOD LOOKING Multi-Cultural GUYS (and 2 girls) GAMING CREW – this was phase two.  This was my dream, which was taken from me before I could enjoy the fruits of my labor.


5 Responses to “TIFFANY GMR-GRL (prelude)”

  1. Jana said

    Good times, and wait, are you saying this was YOU?! Wasn’t there another, more disgusting Tiffany? With large breasts, and tank tops?

  2. Yes, that’s me. I do think it’s funny I was less disgusting. ’cause I was NASTAYYY.

    I partially modelled Tiff’s bio after you, btw. I think the person you’re thinking of is AKTREZ? She’s doing all sorts of girl whoring still. Yep, she’s the one who started the “girly gamers” club that made me want to start the Uaogg(2g)gC.

    But I fear I lost all my pictures… so what was going to be a 3 part blog on the whole debacle, with a new practical joke on couple of my guy friends (they aren’t a couple, just 2), will have to be a 1 blog remembrance to the time I got dolled up.

    Very bummed. I had great plans for GMR-GRL.

  3. Jana said

    I see she works at EB Games. No… gosh, who was this girl? I’ll discover her, somehow. Aktrez and Raychul were the idiots supporting that Gamer Girl beauty competition… Eck. When I google myself, I think a link comes up that directs you to my comments bashing the whole thing. I’ll have to check on that though.

    1up’s all ugly now.

  4. Jana said

    It MAY have been the real ashley..

  5. Tiffany was ME. I had all these pictures – I bought a wig and everything but my old Hard Drive crashed and those pics were on it. The only images I have are at the 1UP blog, at the bottom. I photshopped my butt chin out and cleaned up my eyebrows. I was one ugly chic.

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