party. party hardy.

February 20, 2009

NyteTraxx 001 Party at Too Much Love

NyteTraxx 001 Party at Too Much Love

Well, my first release is hitting and this isn’t the time or place to talk about it. I should be talking about the PS3 I have not even opened, or perhaps how my dog was trying to eat a plastic sack full of liquified (past moldy stage) bananas that were hidden somehow in the kitchen. Anything but my record release party.


2 Responses to “party. party hardy.”

  1. Niko said

    Ooh, yay for you! And nay for your doggy. Goodness, those pugs. Very mischievous dogs! I mean, that could be said of many breeds and pets and animals and people, but there really is just something about pugs! It’s like they think they’re so distinguished because of their curly tails that they’re above the law.

    When you open your PS3, add seisichthon. When I decide to turn mine on (March 5, PoP DLC!), I will confirm your friend request.

  2. OK! I will open that Ps3! Next weekend in fact. I have to get a game though. I need to go read up on this – because I have a new found respect for money and can’t just buy a ton of games. it’s a tough economy and all my money is going towards my label. suggestions welcome. hoping for a tactical RPG at some point.

    and pugs are totally like little clowns.

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