Red Stag Supper Club

Red Stag Supper Club

Typoscuras Hump Day

Typoscura's Hump Day

Courtney Yasimeneh, Seven Times as Lucky (Mumra Remix)

I’m Djing tonight at the Red Stag w/ Courtney Yasimeneh and band (live) performance. I really like this place – they have great food and drink and a pretty chill atmosphere. It’s a good place to hang out w/ friends. This is the second time I have DJ’d for Typoscura’s Hump Day. stop by!


do not sleep on this. not 1 night, not 3 years.
nothing is coming to you. no gifts.
never rely on a guardian angel.
they don’t exist.

If you have the talent, hard work and luck is what you’ll need. don’t rely on a boost. rely on yourself.

Guardian Angel?


work hard(er)

July 29, 2009

I think it’s been too little up to this point. Every single resource that makes up my being must go into this. I’m having to make some tough decisions these days…

I’m going 4 it…therefore, I’m fucked…

just switched it with Julian Aznar’s Electric Gigolo 12″, CD, Digital release (NT002)..

Lookbook (NT003) “True to Form” is now going to be happen when it’s really cold outside.

more info. soon……..

So, I’m trying to sort out these Lookbook remixes and just like on NyteTraxx first release, Bring Back Da Funk,  it’s becoming a challenge to organize and sort out remixers.   Adapt or die.

At first, it was easy to organize the release.  The simple part was deciding on “True to Form” by Lookbook.  It was my favorite song of theirs, and I figured it could be easily edited with an intro and outro for DJ purposes.  Finding the remixers was easy (at first) as well. 

I wanted this release to be big.  I wanted it to help bring more respect to a growing Minneapolis electronic music scene.  So, first I asked Boombass of Cassius, and he was up for it.   Well, Cassius are coming out with their new album in like a week or so (France), so …shit sorry to say this might fall through now because of delays.  This is def. the one I was looking forward to the most – he’s kind of like a big brother in music for me.  Sorry if that sounds weird.  Anyway, he can’t do it in the next 2 weeks, I am going to see if Hakan Lidbo can make it work for the release time line.  He just did a remix for my buddy Jacques C.’s side project and it’s so damn good.  Reminds me of classic techno – the kind I grew up with at First Ave. when I was a teen aka Radio Depth Probe.  or was I a pre-teen? WTF.

So then I contacted Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, and it wasn’t possible at the time because they were working on an album.  ballsy.  But, Richard Norris of the duo, said he could probably make it work as his solo project, The Time and Space Machine.   He really liked their song “King of Con”, so I decided to make the EP have two songs – slow and fast vibe.  So ok, the guy is busy though.  Because he wasn’t able to start it yet, we won’t have time to get him on the release.   So that’s that…. bummer.

Next up was Mux Mool – a totally cool, nice guy.  Originally from Minneapolis and now on Ghostly’s Moodgadget sublabel and living in Brooklyn, it was a good look for many reasons, of course the main being his fucking tight production quality and sound.  Perfect for “King of Con” and I was right – he cooked up 2 hot mixes.. a DOOM style chill mix, and a rougher beat style with militia snares.!!! Lookbook and I are deciding on which mix to release, the other might be planned for another mpls collective.

Tim plays bass in my Nyteowl project and his production and arrangement is getting good.  So good when I heard his take on “True to Form” I told him I was going to release it.  I might ask someone to do a final mixdown, but it will fit nicely with the other styles on deck. 

And the first remix that was complete was 2 dudes I fell in love with last year, Heartbreak.  Theirs is a happy happy remix of “True to Form” and it may lead to Ali Renault producing a track on my full length.  Lets hope so because he has a fantastic sound and excellent production.  Warm and analog.  Yes.

In other good news, local st. paul dude Cepia is doing mastering for the release under his St. Paul company, HM Mastering.   No offense to other mpls mastering solutions, but this guy is more about electronic music and the sound I will be looking for.  I’m excited for this – and mastering is pretty fucking boring.

Anyway, I’m not sure how it will all end up but at least I can say I have a super stand along song from Lookbook, and great remixes coming up, with possibly a few on on the way from true legends of electronic dance music.  The whole point for me releasing Lookbook is to get their music to an international scene that I feel will embrace it.  I love remixes and I respect all parties involved on this project, so it’s sure to end up a great release no matter what.  I look forward it – and make sure to look for a record party at the 7th Street Entry as well!

So, I never posted the details of recording on day 1, but we started tracking for our song “SUSTAIN” a week ago.  We’re working with MPLS genius (I will say this now that im working and see how quick /well he does things) producer Ryan Olcott (Mystery Palace, 12 Rods, Solid Gold’s producer).  It’s sounding pretty amazing so far and there’s still a lot of work left to be done.  

Here’s the history of my song, “Sustain”:

April 2008:

Created the entire demo in around 1 hour.  First, I made a simple beat in Fruity Loops, then I recorded tons of melodies on my Juno.

March 2009:

I recorded vocals for 3 songs, including “Sustain” well before I even knew he was going to be working on the track.

May 2009:

Produced my demo in the first weekend of the month, giving it a ton more character and 100x better production values.  I did this knowing Ryan was going to rework a lot, but knew I needed a better version for live shows.  Hell of a good idea as Ryan kept the drums, Fx, and we reworked the flute part with a new instrument.

June 2009:

Tracking Day 1: Last week I recorded synth parts with Ryan – but before that happened he tweaked the fuck out of my Juno to get it to sound not just “like” my demo recording – but actually better.  This really caught my attention to the level of detail he puts into his work.   Remember when I said I made the original song in like an hour?  Well, that’s how I make songs.  I write them, arrange them, and leave them be.  And this song has somewhat complicated, melodic chords so honestly I couldn’t remember how the hell I played the track.  Luckily, Ryan was able to just get these chords and we worked through them.  So, we recorded them and then re-recorded a flute sounding part, changing it with another synth sound in his rig.

Tracking Day 2:  I hadn’t heard anything he did with the track until today, and it already sounds fucking amazing.  He says there is a ton more to do, and I can see where he’s going.  The vocals are in the track, and he really beefed them up and smoothed them out.  He made the synth fit really well around the drum track.  So, the main objective today was recording bass, so T.I.M (bass player for Nyteowl) recorded the bass and that’s the end of story.  I def. want to work with him on another track.  I already know which one I’m going to send for him to check.

Well, I’m going to try and start blogging more than just posting remixes. And so here’s a little update on a cool project that has been taking up my time the past week – THE JUNO EP.

I purchased my Juno-6 around 1 year ago, and when I started making tracks that sounded like Flaming Lips vs Air. Then, I entered a few remix contests and the sound became more produced, but still very warm and simple.  That’s because I only used my Juno-6 and also, my then new Crumar Multiman S/2 to make the tracks. With a different sound than my Nyteowl music, Lova D. Dova came about as a way to experiment with my new synth.

The Lova

The Lova

Fast forward to today – again, working on a few tracks I made only a few months after getting my Juno. This will be the Juno EP. They have influences sometimes similar to Nyteowl, but the sound is more rooted in late 70’s and early 80’s RnB, italo, and motown.

Anyway, in the past 3 weeks I found someone to do vocals for 2 of these songs because I didn’t really want to keep my demo vox. Yesterday I enlisted someone to do the final mixes for these songs. So, now I’m thinking.. shit.. here we have a side project (yet another side project).  I’m not saying who the vocalist or final mixer is, but I will say they areboth on the rise in MPLS, and the person mixing is def. on the rise internationally.

Crumar & Juno

Crumar & Juno

The Juno EP is my “art” project while I keep working on the Nyteowl first full length. For me, it’s still pop music, but “art” as well. It’s spotaneous and fun.  I call it post apocolyptic RnB – and I will be releasing this on NyteTraxx.  Molly Kroeten is doing the art.  We are recording vocals with Ryan Olcott on Friday, and then I hand off mixes.  More info. soon!!