Completing my final mix of JUNO EP tonight!

July 1, 2009

Well, I’m going to try and start blogging more than just posting remixes. And so here’s a little update on a cool project that has been taking up my time the past week – THE JUNO EP.

I purchased my Juno-6 around 1 year ago, and when I started making tracks that sounded like Flaming Lips vs Air. Then, I entered a few remix contests and the sound became more produced, but still very warm and simple.  That’s because I only used my Juno-6 and also, my then new Crumar Multiman S/2 to make the tracks. With a different sound than my Nyteowl music, Lova D. Dova came about as a way to experiment with my new synth.

The Lova

The Lova

Fast forward to today – again, working on a few tracks I made only a few months after getting my Juno. This will be the Juno EP. They have influences sometimes similar to Nyteowl, but the sound is more rooted in late 70’s and early 80’s RnB, italo, and motown.

Anyway, in the past 3 weeks I found someone to do vocals for 2 of these songs because I didn’t really want to keep my demo vox. Yesterday I enlisted someone to do the final mixes for these songs. So, now I’m thinking.. shit.. here we have a side project (yet another side project).  I’m not saying who the vocalist or final mixer is, but I will say they areboth on the rise in MPLS, and the person mixing is def. on the rise internationally.

Crumar & Juno

Crumar & Juno

The Juno EP is my “art” project while I keep working on the Nyteowl first full length. For me, it’s still pop music, but “art” as well. It’s spotaneous and fun.  I call it post apocolyptic RnB – and I will be releasing this on NyteTraxx.  Molly Kroeten is doing the art.  We are recording vocals with Ryan Olcott on Friday, and then I hand off mixes.  More info. soon!!


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