Day 2 of Tracking – “SUSTAIN”

July 2, 2009

So, I never posted the details of recording on day 1, but we started tracking for our song “SUSTAIN” a week ago.  We’re working with MPLS genius (I will say this now that im working and see how quick /well he does things) producer Ryan Olcott (Mystery Palace, 12 Rods, Solid Gold’s producer).  It’s sounding pretty amazing so far and there’s still a lot of work left to be done.  

Here’s the history of my song, “Sustain”:

April 2008:

Created the entire demo in around 1 hour.  First, I made a simple beat in Fruity Loops, then I recorded tons of melodies on my Juno.

March 2009:

I recorded vocals for 3 songs, including “Sustain” well before I even knew he was going to be working on the track.

May 2009:

Produced my demo in the first weekend of the month, giving it a ton more character and 100x better production values.  I did this knowing Ryan was going to rework a lot, but knew I needed a better version for live shows.  Hell of a good idea as Ryan kept the drums, Fx, and we reworked the flute part with a new instrument.

June 2009:

Tracking Day 1: Last week I recorded synth parts with Ryan – but before that happened he tweaked the fuck out of my Juno to get it to sound not just “like” my demo recording – but actually better.  This really caught my attention to the level of detail he puts into his work.   Remember when I said I made the original song in like an hour?  Well, that’s how I make songs.  I write them, arrange them, and leave them be.  And this song has somewhat complicated, melodic chords so honestly I couldn’t remember how the hell I played the track.  Luckily, Ryan was able to just get these chords and we worked through them.  So, we recorded them and then re-recorded a flute sounding part, changing it with another synth sound in his rig.

Tracking Day 2:  I hadn’t heard anything he did with the track until today, and it already sounds fucking amazing.  He says there is a ton more to do, and I can see where he’s going.  The vocals are in the track, and he really beefed them up and smoothed them out.  He made the synth fit really well around the drum track.  So, the main objective today was recording bass, so T.I.M (bass player for Nyteowl) recorded the bass and that’s the end of story.  I def. want to work with him on another track.  I already know which one I’m going to send for him to check.


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