NyteTraxx // Lookbook Remix EP Update

July 12, 2009

So, I’m trying to sort out these Lookbook remixes and just like on NyteTraxx first release, Bring Back Da Funk,  it’s becoming a challenge to organize and sort out remixers.   Adapt or die.

At first, it was easy to organize the release.  The simple part was deciding on “True to Form” by Lookbook.  It was my favorite song of theirs, and I figured it could be easily edited with an intro and outro for DJ purposes.  Finding the remixers was easy (at first) as well. 

I wanted this release to be big.  I wanted it to help bring more respect to a growing Minneapolis electronic music scene.  So, first I asked Boombass of Cassius, and he was up for it.   Well, Cassius are coming out with their new album in like a week or so (France), so …shit sorry to say this might fall through now because of delays.  This is def. the one I was looking forward to the most – he’s kind of like a big brother in music for me.  Sorry if that sounds weird.  Anyway, he can’t do it in the next 2 weeks, I am going to see if Hakan Lidbo can make it work for the release time line.  He just did a remix for my buddy Jacques C.’s side project and it’s so damn good.  Reminds me of classic techno – the kind I grew up with at First Ave. when I was a teen aka Radio Depth Probe.  or was I a pre-teen? WTF.

So then I contacted Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, and it wasn’t possible at the time because they were working on an album.  ballsy.  But, Richard Norris of the duo, said he could probably make it work as his solo project, The Time and Space Machine.   He really liked their song “King of Con”, so I decided to make the EP have two songs – slow and fast vibe.  So ok, the guy is busy though.  Because he wasn’t able to start it yet, we won’t have time to get him on the release.   So that’s that…. bummer.

Next up was Mux Mool – a totally cool, nice guy.  Originally from Minneapolis and now on Ghostly’s Moodgadget sublabel and living in Brooklyn, it was a good look for many reasons, of course the main being his fucking tight production quality and sound.  Perfect for “King of Con” and I was right – he cooked up 2 hot mixes.. a DOOM style chill mix, and a rougher beat style with militia snares.!!! Lookbook and I are deciding on which mix to release, the other might be planned for another mpls collective.

Tim plays bass in my Nyteowl project and his production and arrangement is getting good.  So good when I heard his take on “True to Form” I told him I was going to release it.  I might ask someone to do a final mixdown, but it will fit nicely with the other styles on deck. 

And the first remix that was complete was 2 dudes I fell in love with last year, Heartbreak.  Theirs is a happy happy remix of “True to Form” and it may lead to Ali Renault producing a track on my full length.  Lets hope so because he has a fantastic sound and excellent production.  Warm and analog.  Yes.

In other good news, local st. paul dude Cepia is doing mastering for the release under his St. Paul company, HM Mastering.   No offense to other mpls mastering solutions, but this guy is more about electronic music and the sound I will be looking for.  I’m excited for this – and mastering is pretty fucking boring.

Anyway, I’m not sure how it will all end up but at least I can say I have a super stand along song from Lookbook, and great remixes coming up, with possibly a few on on the way from true legends of electronic dance music.  The whole point for me releasing Lookbook is to get their music to an international scene that I feel will embrace it.  I love remixes and I respect all parties involved on this project, so it’s sure to end up a great release no matter what.  I look forward it – and make sure to look for a record party at the 7th Street Entry as well!


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