Lookbook, True to Form (Remix EP)


Mux Mool

Lookbook, King of Con (Mux Mool Remix)


Mux Mool is bringing his bag of beats back to the city he left over one year ago in order to better pursue his creative interests.  I wept a tear when Brian Lindgren left Minneapolis for Brooklyn, N.Y. – and I didn’t even know the guy.  I remember the moment – in fact, he had just played a show with Lookbook.  I missed the show – but I felt great hope at the time because Nyteowl was just starting to prep for live shows, and I saw a scene on the rise – a growing group of some pretty damn good indie electronic music talent in the Twin Cities.

Pretty damn good indeed – before Twin Cities media even noticed the guy (not sure if they have yet, actually), he had some amazing accolades on iTunes: a top selling song (2006), plus “Best New Artist”, “Best Song”, and a track included on the “Best Instrumental Album of 2008”. Oh, and he received record label interest.


So he left for Brooklyn.  And why not?  It’s the home of his record label, Moodgadget, and with his debut full length, SKULLTASTE being released on Ghostly International in early 2010, things are only getting started for the multi-faceted artist and producer.

From what I know by experiencing his sound (a wide range of downtempo, hip hop, and electronic instrumental beats + he can EVEN do the faster electronic jams, NOT TO MENTION one of my favorite DJ sets at Too Much Love), Mux Mool can pretty much do anything.  But his specialty is the slow beats – the swirling grooves.  And that certainly was a success for his “remux” of Lookbook’s, King of Con. 

It’s a remix that strays quite a bit from the original – with production skill moving the version in another direction.  But Maggie’s vocals still sound right at home, like some sort of smooth, Doom, R n’ B side project.  Sexy.  While his courtship with Ghostly lends Mux Mool a hand in rising to the upper echelon of beat based electronic music, I’m proud to unleash what is sure to be among the final productions he releases on his own free will (at least for the time being).  Twin Cities, get to know Mux Mool.


Lookbook, True to Form (Remix EP)

Lookbook, True to Form (Gigamesh Remix)

Matt Masurka is one of the most underrated electronic music producers in Minnesota. Albeit, relative to other forms of music in the state – maybe we don’t do a very good job of putting the spotlight on our electronic music artists.

Nonetheless – at the rate he’s going, he might become among the most up and coming young producers in the United States. With his remixes and bootlegs picking up momentum, international dance pedigree have taken note and his DJ support list is growing to include some of the biggest names in indie dance: Busy P., A Trak, Steve Aoki, and Feadz – to name a few. This has lead to some amazing opportunities for remixing both Classixx and Beni on French powerhouse electronic dance label, Kitsuné (under his Gigamesh and Señor Stereo alias, respectively).

And that’s not all – he is also part of the mega dance remix project, DiscoTech whom regularly has official remixes commissioned by major labels, for some of the biggest names in pop music. All this – and believe it or not he had quite large shoes to fill when I commissioned this remix for him.

What happened was – Boombass of French electronic music legends, Cassius was slated for a proper club remix. Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond his control, Boombass was not able to complete the remix on schedule. I called Matt, and he was more than thrilled to remix one of his favorite Minneapolis artists. The resulting Gigamesh remix doesn’t stray too much from the original, but adds even more sheen and brilliance – through fantastic production, to make a subdued club floor killer. Self indulgently, it made the song super fresh for me once again – great work Gigamesh

Lookbook, True to Form (Remix EP)

Lookbook, True to Form (Heartbreak Remix)

Ali Renault and Sebastian Muravchix will break your heart, just like they broke into NME’s top 50 Best Albums of 2008 with their debut album, LIES. HEARTBREAK received accolades all over the U.K and world in the past year – as the duo became well known not only for Ali Renault’s masterful italo productions, but also Sebastian Muravchix’s commanding stage presence. Residing on LEX Records, their light hearted, dancy remix of Lookbook was both a surprise and a treat for me, considering most of Renault’s productions are dark and sinister. With a proper intro and extended fade out, this one will def. be a favorite for true lovers of pop and italo.

color of brightness

Lookbook, True to Form (Remix EP)
The Color of Brightness

aka T.I.M
aka bass player/addl’ production in Nyteowl

Lookbook, True to Form (Color of Brightness Remix)

Ladies and gentlemen, it usually takes Tim around 1 year to create, produce, and mix a track. This remix was completed in the record time of 11 months! All jokes aside, his production and mixing electronic music has increased drastically the past year. And this remix shows it. I wasn’t going to include any remixes from Nyteowl (I didn’t), but I really liked what he did with it for his side project. Tim loves the 80’s, he loves cheesy electronic pop, and has been a huge supporter in each new decade of the french house/electro renaissance. No attitude and no regrets with Tim’s Color of Brightness Remix…