Nyteowl in 2010

March 20, 2010

Tim is getting a DX7. I’m going to play that for live shows (only leads, backup).. brock is playing the main parts on the Prophet 08… tim is playing the Juno 6 for bass parts, plus his bass. bye bye fucking Triton (extreme).


to say nyteowl live show is changing this year is def. an understatement. eventually, we are adding another synth player and tim will be playing a synth hybrid “po boi” drum kit.. I call R2D2.

and the demos are sounding nuts too .. frenchie Rn B shiz…all analog and it does make a difference. We’ll be adding pretty much only organic instr (guitar/bass). Right now, I guess to describe it’s more “experimental”, more “french” haha if that’s possible… they are more of an early 80’s Rn B kind of sound… wonderful motown style that people copy because they’re so cool.. as opposed to straight 80’s pop. These recordings are starting off with a ton more character in the sound (primarily due to the prophet) … and a more unified sound. Remember, I made demos for debut album from 2006 through the start of 2008. and never developed many of these very far before getting production help from the talented people who helped w/ the album.

We have our CD release April 24, and I would love for you to come to this show and support the release too… but after that things will start to get even more interesting.


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