Interband communication

April 27, 2010

Tim didn’t realize until THE NIGHT of our release show that alixander III (who helped with our album) is 1/2 of Azari & III..  that’s rich. that’s funny. that’s all.


T.i.m. is a ninja


Record release party for Nyteowl’s debut album, “Romantic Life” at the Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis, MN.


Featuring live performances from Nyteowl, FoodTeam, Cepia (Ghostly), Lookbook, and a special guest DJ set from Mux Mool (Ghostly/Moodgadget)!!!!

Romantic Life

This is a special show as Cepia (Mastering), FoodTeam (Production/Mixing), and Lookbook (Guest Vox- “Do it Right, Tonight”) all had a part in the album.  and Mux Mool is just a cool dude.
NyteTraxx records presents – NT 004
Nyteowl, Romantic Life

“It’s hard to pick holes in perfection. The tune (Sustain) is great, the ramping buzzy bright synth sound is insane but brilliant.”
– FutureMusic Magazine (UK)

“Jeremiah Conlon’s outfit Nyteowl reminds us of early Daft Punk with lyrics and melodies that sound like New Kids on the Block (in a good way).”
-l’etoile magazine

“I really really love that album. its like a cross between THE THE, PHEONIX, and some aweful italo! hhahaha. love it.”
-Ant (Acid Jacks)
Jeremiah Conlon (vox, production, keys)
Tim Clausen (Bass, Synth Bass, prod)
Brock Lammers (Synth, Guitar)
Street date of April 20, available at many fine retailers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN & online distribution through IRIS, at locations such as iTunes, Juno, Amazon, etc.
“Romantic Life” was mixed and produced with the help of a worldwide cast of electronic producers & artists, including: Ryan Olcott (Mystery Palace), Cato Canari (Tokyo/Norway), Julian Aznar (NyteTraxx/Buenos Aires), and Alixander III (Azari & III/Toronto) all lent a hand in mixing and producing the album.  It was mastered by Huntley Miller (Cepia) at Ballast Mastering in St. Paul, MN.

Nyteowl, MPLS USA
“This album represents my appreciation of really basic pop music.  It was quite a departure from the mostly breakbeat electronic music style I was doing before.  It’s what I wanted to make at the time, and I was like like fuck it!  That was a release for me, to a world of truly creating whatever the hell you want to.  At first listen, the album sounds like it’s all about puppy love.  Yes, that’s in there, but Romantic Life is more so an album about following your dreams – and trying to make sense of a world that doesn’t always understand that path.”
-Jeremiah Conlon

bro love

April 3, 2010



acid jacks

boy 8 bit

these guys are inspiring to me with of course their awesome production but also even with a crazy rock star schedules taking time to give advice, a listening ear to my music, opportunites/ hope to someone like me trying to break in with my music the past few years.  I owe a lot of opps to these dudes.. bro love for these guys.. big time bro love