2 Remixes released the next 2 weeks

July 8, 2010

There are a few Nyteowl remixes coming out the next 2 weeks – check it out:
rock man

First is a remix I made last year for Jacques C.’s label Funk Noir out of Sweden. It’s a single release w/ remix for the song “Rock Man” (Funk Noir). Highly suggest checking out his catalog and label releases – first met him when we were selected in the Cassius remix contest and we have been friends since. He also remixed my song in early 2009, “Bring Back da Funk.”

This remix and single is out today – here is the Juno link to purchase and his links:



Next week, local Minneapolis electronic /minimal synth group CLAPS are releasing another EP called “No Party” (Guilt Ridden Pop). I remixed the track called “Red Dress”. I love this band and they are def. worth checking out. CLAPS are having a listening party at Kings Wine Wine Bar Tuesday July 13 and the release is at Sauce on Friday July 16. Peter (sovietpanda) also remixed CLAPS for the release.



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