100MB zip drives for my SP808

September 13, 2010

Roland SP 808 Disk

I found some 100MB zip drives for my SP808 today on clearance today at Office Depot. I’m surprised they even carry these still! Anywaay, been having problems with my ROLAND SP-808 and it might be the disks are old, so this is gonna be great to test out in the next couple days. (By the way brian, they don’t sell the 250MB ones there anymore.. ) I’m going to keep producing my demo using some outboard fx from this, and also maybe use this for a new project im starting. I’m also going to start mixing using a FINAL FINAL mix, rendering using either Fruity Loops or Ableton. for normal people who do music professionally… it’s more how you probably already mix .. real time plug in manipulation. The limiting factor has always been using Cakewalk and being old fashioned in my mind set. Using some combination of the “archaic” way I do it, and the FINAL FINAL mix is going to clean up my mix / EQ a lot and make the results better than before.


music projects update

September 9, 2010

So, I decided that the next Nyteowl release is going to be an EP.  It’s a no brainer really. It will save time, money, and indecision on the final 4-6 tracks that would make up an LP.   It’s way more lo-fi, downtempo, and interesting than the prior LP or single release.  Also, we jacked out w/ a Prophet 08 and DX-7.  They sound great.  A big theme for it is early 80’s RnB.  It’s this great time in motown when they made this crude, rude RnB with gnarly synths.  Really an experimental time.  Listen to the morning 8am mix on KMOJ “the people’s station” for an idea.  Or drive around in Detroit and listen to one of their RnB stations.  You’ll hear it…that’s the sound. 

The plan is to have it mixed by Alixander III or Alex Gopher.  If Alixander III does it I’m gonna try my best to make it out to Toronto.  and yeah, kinda lofty hopes on the Alex Gopher thing, right but he grabbed it, listened to it… said he would get back to me.  I think either way it would be great really. The style of the new EP fits way more than Nyteowl’s prior LP, Romantic Life, to Alixander III’s solo & side projects. So, the final product with sound a ton better because of it.  Also, I’m producing the EP.  The fact I have one person mixing and only me producing will get a more unified sound.  And to the roots of what I want.  It’s gonna be cool.  I hope someone releases it but it’s a tough biz .. so much noise out there.  And talent.

Another piece of news I’m really excited for is that I am starting a side project with the extremely talented Raechel Bosch.  She spent the last 2 or so years playing music in Spain and other places in Europe (like UK). 

Raechel does some folk music, and some acoustic soul music.  It’s more so, she has a unique sound that blends the two , with her creative sound design and rich, warm vocals.  I was involved with a downtempo synth project with her before, also with 2 other people, where she sang on two tracks.  This time it’s only us – she’ s leading it and I think her artistic vision and production is beautiful and the sound is going to be very cool.  We plan on working on recordings and finding a way to perform the music live.   She’s my favorite MPLS female vocalist – I have not heard a better female vocalist in the MPLS scene right now.  I’m lucky to work with her – keep your ears open for this one.

Here’s a demo from Raechel – CANTABRIA: