100MB zip drives for my SP808

September 13, 2010

Roland SP 808 Disk

I found some 100MB zip drives for my SP808 today on clearance today at Office Depot. I’m surprised they even carry these still! Anywaay, been having problems with my ROLAND SP-808 and it might be the disks are old, so this is gonna be great to test out in the next couple days. (By the way brian, they don’t sell the 250MB ones there anymore.. ) I’m going to keep producing my demo using some outboard fx from this, and also maybe use this for a new project im starting. I’m also going to start mixing using a FINAL FINAL mix, rendering using either Fruity Loops or Ableton. for normal people who do music professionally… it’s more how you probably already mix .. real time plug in manipulation. The limiting factor has always been using Cakewalk and being old fashioned in my mind set. Using some combination of the “archaic” way I do it, and the FINAL FINAL mix is going to clean up my mix / EQ a lot and make the results better than before.


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