November 21, 2010

Now that im making techno again (for 2 days), I started listening to some on Soundcloud (very limited point of reference, yes) and the beats are “ok” but they lack character. Like people just programmed reason? did everything in the box? people need to add something to them. soul. love? not sure. but techno used to have that you know.

Anyway, I think it’s like anything. Personal preference really. I don’t like things (except myself) clean. And these techno beats I’m hearing are fucking clean. Way too clean. I love some of the synth work – I heard this local artist (Minneapolis) Rachel Palmer that actually had some nice sounding synth work. And just a great overall chill vibe. It’s more in the vein of “ambient techno” or I guess minimal? (but not boring like “minimal”).

My point I guess is I like a little GRITTT, even if the techno is chill out techno. Just put a little dirt in there.. 2 be sure, it’s techno right?


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