November 22, 2010

I was reading a blog entry from mpls dude sovietpanda about CFCF, and it’s so odd because I have known Mike for years. We have not talked much over the years, but I met him on Astralwerks message board. He was like 13 years old, and acted like it. I remember he pissed a lot of people off. Some music message board type of shit – pretty standard…I can’t remember specifics. He went by “Crapnose” back then. I think I remember his music as.. I guess.. I would have considered it more so zany beats without so much a specific sound. More so experimenting in making music than anything. I may even have a “MUMRA” (my old music project) remix of “Crapnose” laying around somewhere.

Anyway, I think I had last heard from him in 2001 or so – or whenever that Astralwerks message board shut down.

Then years later in 2007, I ran across him again. I didn’t realize it at the time, but we both had entered a remix for Crystal Castles “Air War” . He was no longer going by “Crapnose”, he was now CFCF. Even more, both our remixes were selected by Crystal Castles, along with Lazaro Casanova as “winning entries”. They were supposed to be released as 12″ by SLU Records? Anyway, that never happened.

Since that time, CFCF has done scores of remixes on fantastic labels – and released a great FL album. I def. admire his sound and ability to break into music biz so well, doing what he wants to do.  small world!


One Response to “Crapnose”

  1. Lazaro said

    haha I just realized that release never did happen

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