November 27, 2010

Like I said before, long time ago, techno music had SOUL.  “Techno” was really a blanket term that made more sense back then.

Yeah, some of it was really close to what you would consider house music. I guess in UK back then people would have just said what I listened to was house music, or ACID HOUSE. around the time ACID HOUSE started blurring w/ techno and house.   But I argue techno from the godfathers sounded like house music, maybe more cold and stark.  I don’t really care about being so specific about genres, especially about vintage club music. All that matters it had soul. it moved you… beats and bass.

That’s what I’m gonna try to be doing with my new techno project. serious Bass… serious Soul. Like.. looping clips of bassy soul rump shaking shit.






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