MPLS – looking 4 my female vox soulmate

December 7, 2010


serious… someone help me find my female vox soulmate. I was starting a new project with a super talented artist in Minneapolis and the whole thing changed where I’ll be helping her produce the sound she’s trying to achieve and play synth for her, and so the vision for my project still lives on!

and so I am searching for someone in minneapolis… a female vocalist who can sing well.. hoping she can play acoustic guitar, keys no less. I can give some demos and explain more for people if they want to inquire..

2011 is gonna be prolific and no-one is doing this shit – please help me find her – THANKS



kind of hoping someone can refer me to a good female vocalist who can play guitar…maybe keys.. other instruments. ..more the better.   there’s a project I want to start that I have skeletons for.

If I had to describe the style it’s loop based indie rock..??  but not ROCK per say… and not looking for rock vocalist.. it’s more minimal….sample music influenced by french cut up (house) and hip hop……. with synths too.  I can’t and don’t want to describe more.  It’s a cool idea but it’s hard to find the right person… I’m looking for a collab.. so it’s not just me producing all the pieces.  It would probably be live project… def. “record some stuff”..


One Response to “MPLS – looking 4 my female vox soulmate”

  1. Elizabeth said

    definitely interested.

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