Dearling Physique – Deadeye Dealer

January 6, 2011

A few days ago, I decided to start blogging about as many new local (Minnesota) electronic music releases as possible.  I think the realization to do this came from the events stemming from my prior post.  Anyway, I was surprised that no-one is doing this – it’s important. However, with all the music I’m creating, there’s no way I can devote myself to full, in-depth pieces each time (but if anyone else wants to – let me know!). No less I would love to be an information source people can check out when they want to find all local Minneapolis electronic music. Think less heart warming praise – more spotlight on a variety of electronic music coming out of the Twin Cities.  When it comes to what and who goes up, I won’t be playing favorites. It’s very simple.  I will post any upcoming electronic music release from Minnesota projects – so let your friends know and send them my way.

Dom Davis

Dearling Physique - Deadeye Dealer

My first post on upcoming local releases is Dom Davis’ Dearling Physique first full length album.   Even though he’s a friend of mine, there’s just something about Dom I have not quite figured out yet, which is a good thing.   I do think he’s one of the most all-around creative people around here – his overall vision is fantastic.   The music is always dark and very interesting, his voice even more so… soulful mixed with a mournful cry.  He and his band will be releasing a new album called Deadeye Dealer on January 11, 2011.

Here is a song from the album called Discipline Your Hands:

Here’s a Kordan Remix of a track on his prior EP too……

Oh This Currency [Kordan Remix] by Arthur Bazaar Publishing

I highly suggest checking out Dearling Physique at the 7th Street Entry (1st ave nightclub) for the release show on Thursday, January 6 2011. Dom puts on great events, with so much energy into everything he does. and of course it’s a great venue. Here’s a Facebook link with the full event info.  Aaron and the Sea + Dada Trash Collage will be opening.  Dearling Physique is also having a cool video premiere at the Apple Store in uptown Minneapolis Friday January 7!

deadeye dealer

deadeye dealer

Here’s more info. to sink into…including twitter, FB, music links and Tour Dates! get at it then….

Dearling Physique Online

Upcoming Performances

01.06.11 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN

01.07.11 Apple Store in Uptown – “Discipline Your Hands” video premiere

01.11.11 Barfly Montreal, PQ

01.12.11 Monkey House Burlington, VT

01.13.11 Howler’s Pittsburgh, PA

01.14.11 Bar East NYC, NY


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