Ghostband – Verdical

January 11, 2011

verdical album

Ghostband, Verdical

Ghostband is Minneapolis artist/musician Jon Davis.  His latest album “Verdical” is being released on cassette tomorrow (Jan 11, 2011) via probably my favorite local label at the moment, Moon Glyph.   The attention to warm sound and subtleties in recordings is a lost art.  These guys are doing what they want how they want when they want.  I like that.

Here’s a cool track, No Nutzzz:

Anyway, have you seen Jon?  He’s the guy with the huge beard and equally huge smile on his face, who (if you were laying on the ground below him) would look like this:


I have met him two or three times, and every time it’s fun because I meet him for the first time ever, all over again – and he always is introduced to me by cool people.  I don’t know him really though.  What I do know is he plays like 50 instruments, many styles, and he does experimental and ambient electronic music.  And it’s good.  Here’s all the info. on the release from his bandcamp page:

Assembled on the fly (“real-time performative production” according to artist Jon Davis), Ghostband’s “Verdical” is a construction of fetishized “glitch(es) and groove(s)” – individual compositions that transfigure through repetition, syncopation and red herring noises. It’s uncertain whether Davis has tapped into a contemporary mania or synthesized a manic – and, at times, maniacal – electronic sound response to the times. Either way, the album waxes feverish and never wanes, building and razing its pockets of pop catharsis in whims that appear both well-studied and fresh-eared.
Ed. of 150.
released 11 January 2011

LINKS!!!    (h i t    i t)

Click this link for the the Facebook page, along with links where to buy this release

Ghost band at Bandcamp

Ghost Band at SoundCloud

Moon Glyph


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  1. Join Davis is pretty awesome, great new blog.

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