Nyteowl – Detroit

January 19, 2011

DETROIT EP (nyteowl)

Nyteowl, Detroit

My main project, Nyteowl is releasing a mini-EP or single (whatever you want to call it) called DETROIT on January 20, 2011 via my own NyteTraxx imprint.  We’re not having a release party and promotion has been pretty thin.  But the idea is my way of life this year – do what you want to do, when you want to do it.  In that way of thinking, look for Nyteowl to release a number of small works 2011.

We’ve been feeling RnB lately (KMOJ! DETROIT!) so I guess you could say we’re doing some indie RnB.  I feel like good RnB is all about love and affection.  and it tells about true emotion.   The feelings are honest.  (+ SEX) In that way, I can say im proud of these traxx.

Looking forward, everything new Nyteowl works on this year is a lot   s l  o   w     e    r.   That’s something you’ll notice with this EP and the next one, coming in APRIL called “TOKYO”.  We anticipate playing live shows to support TOKYO around  April 2011.  This album was mixed by alixander III (Toronto) and mastered by cepia (Huntley Miller) in St. Paul.  The release is available digitally at a ton of online music stores – I heard that Amazon.com is giving away a free track as a promo.  I also know Mpls blog Perfect Porridge posted some stuff a few months back.  Bottom line you can find these tracks free with even the smallest effort.  Enjoy.  But def. feel free to purchase at any retailer (Juno is awesome) below if you’re feeling it.  thanks.


NyteTraxx (including DETROIT) at Juno Records

Nyteowl at Amazon

Nyteowl at iTunes

Nyteowl at SoundCloud


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