my main project Nyteowl is gonna get a 12″/Digi record release through JUNO RECORDS (UK)!!!!….digital + all over the world in all the cool record shops!! holy shit. First of all, WE LOVE JUNO RECORDS. That’s where I buy tracks for downloading so karma is good!  They have released some great stuff on their label too.  Also, so happy because been busting ass over the years and had all sorts of cool stuff happen, but the release has eluded me.  In the changing music market, I could not think of a better label to work with.

CHEERS ALL!! 2011 is gonna be great!


Nyteowl and Jacques C.

Jacques C. posted his remix of my first single from 2009, Bring Back Da Funk.  Perfect Porridge posted it too.  Here.

click above Perfect Porridge link for HQ DL.

or below at Jacques C’s place..

or buy it here…

JUNO records store (download)

Ok, I understand that Mr. Projectile is not local to Minneapolis anymore, he’s known as a “West Coast artist”.  But I cut my teeth, well round one at least, in the same breathing space as this guy.  The first live show I ever played as MUMRA, he fixed my huge, fucking audio problems at the venue (er coffee shop).  I did 2 bootleg remixes of his stuff the next day.  Maybe I should post that shit..t.  Anyway, that was in like 1949. Really nice (unless you’re a shithead at his show) and often under-appreciated, I always felt connected to his sound.  Very good music over the years…


Mr. Projectile, In the Fog EP

So, Mr. Projectile is releasing a new EP called IN THE FOG.   From what I understand you can buy the release here at Addictech.  Release date: Feb. 7, 2011.

sausage links:

In the Fog EP linkz

Mr. Projectile Facebook to get facetime with the fellow

Projectile on SoundCloud

HOLY SHIT! mr. projectile at! what’s this place!?

Estate happen to be two very cool dudes from Minneapolis doing well (doing what they want, when they want, how they want.. if you can’t tell this by reading my blog by now, is the #1 important thing in life) and making a ton of music lately.  Estate’s label Mullet Records (UK) just released their highly popular artist Tesla Boy, along w/ an Estate remix, on Juno Records (MY FAVOURITE) January 31.   It’s Feb. already, so get on it.

What are my thoughts on the remix?





buy the release at JUNO RECORDS

be fans of Estate

Mullet Records, via the fossil dino of music sites

estate slam dance on ICE dj mix