Mr. Projectile, In the Fog EP

February 8, 2011

Ok, I understand that Mr. Projectile is not local to Minneapolis anymore, he’s known as a “West Coast artist”.  But I cut my teeth, well round one at least, in the same breathing space as this guy.  The first live show I ever played as MUMRA, he fixed my huge, fucking audio problems at the venue (er coffee shop).  I did 2 bootleg remixes of his stuff the next day.  Maybe I should post that shit..t.  Anyway, that was in like 1949. Really nice (unless you’re a shithead at his show) and often under-appreciated, I always felt connected to his sound.  Very good music over the years…


Mr. Projectile, In the Fog EP

So, Mr. Projectile is releasing a new EP called IN THE FOG.   From what I understand you can buy the release here at Addictech.  Release date: Feb. 7, 2011.

sausage links:

In the Fog EP linkz

Mr. Projectile Facebook to get facetime with the fellow

Projectile on SoundCloud

HOLY SHIT! mr. projectile at! what’s this place!?


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