So, NyteTraxx is pretty much going to be a music publisher now.  I think it has happened the only way I would feel comfortable with it happening for me personally – by accident.  Music publishing is pretty confusing, but one aspect isn’t: traditional sync/licensing opportunities.  NyteTraxx was set up as “NyteTraxx LLC”, and of course it’s another name for the record label I started in 2008.  But, it’s also going to be the main parent company I start other labels under, and complete licensing / publishing deals through.This all came about because I am partnering with IRIS distribution for worldwide release / digital music sales.  They have made a good mark in the digital distro scene (handling labels like Ghostly/Ninja Tune), and they also have the right contacts – so they started new media/ trad sync company, Blinker Interactive.  NyteTraxx is partnering with Blinker to handle (non-exclusive basis), licensing of all NyteTraxx Records releases.  I worked with all artists on prior NyteTraxx releases and it was agreed upon with all that we move forward – so great news there.

Also in 2011, I started another record label called Everliving Sound.  I’m very excited for this record label because it has almost turned into a “minneapolis development label” for new artists that all have a similar vibe who, I feel aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.  Or artists that need a kick in the ass to do more music.  There’s probably 5 EPs for this label slated for 2011. Yes, no shit.  It’s May and there has not been 1 release and I’m planning 5.  Not a problem.  Anyway, the cool thing is these releases are also accepted under NyteTraxx LLC for digi distribution and sync opps through IRIS/Blinker.  So, the goal is, in a shrinking music sales environment, to turn some revenue for new artists in different ways.The last piece of the puzzle (well, maybe the last way?) is IRIS/Blinker are accepting the entire catalog of my personal music as for their new media and trad. sync services.  I have made so many instrumental / quick songs/ demos over the years I lost track.  I’m guessing hundreds – like maybe 200 or 300 songs.  Just ask Kate Iverson – I send her 30-50 songs every time she needs some music for a mixed media project she’s working on.  Karma is working overtime as I have had a few occasions this year where people out of the blue contact me on SoundClound about licensing music.  This is one of those proverbial moments when numerous things happen simultaneously – to confirm you’re on the right path.  Only fitting, as 2011 has pretty much been a confirmation of my last 22 years of making music.

So, now my 2011 goal (on top of the others), is to collate all songs from 1999 on, weeding out ones that can’t be used, re-doing mixes for many, mastering quickly all (on my own, sorry huntley I’m sure you’d love to take this project on), sending them on for their new life to sit in a licensing catalog instead of my hard drive!!!  This is good. 

I remember a piece of advice one established producer/ artists gave me in 2006 – to get my songs out of my hard drive and into the world (advice I pass on to most artists I speak with, btw).  It looks like my songs will finally starting to get a chance to do that!  Just don’t be surprised if I contact you about that bootleg of your song I remixed 1999-2011, because odds are I worked on a bootleg of your song sometime between 1999-2011.