So, I’m starting a newz thing WAZ UPZ MPLZ where I talk about what else but waz upz.  Here we go.. I like numbering things so I hope you like numbers for organizing thoughts:

1) I got my new computer.  It’s a f@cking beast.  I ended up getting a custom thing through TigerDirect, thanks Chris from the old school for the recommendation.   Here are the main stats: TWO 1 TB hds, 8GB RAM, Pentium i7 870@ 2.93 GHZ, a nice video card (can’t remember).  I got a decent price.  For FUN, I tested the speed (I am still getting music programs up and running so I can’t test by making actual music) by opening 30 song WAV files and it flew as fast as it would have before opening 30 5 second WAV files.  So it’s a beast, eh?  I hope to have it all sorted out by tomorrow and keep mixing the “TOKYO” EP!

2) I just saw a great quote on the latest Nyteowl EP “DETROIT” from Richard Atherton, who is apparently the founder of JUNO RECORDS (which is def. my favorite online record store for finding great dance tracks for DJing). He said this about our “DETROIT” EP – “Great release, can’t stop playing it!” HELL YEAH!  thanks sir.  I have not got a lot of feedback on this EP.  I mean acid jacks said they like it but they’re like my guardian angels sent from the heavens above because they’re always nice to me.  So, like I said JUNO records, great store, big respect, so a good thing to find out.

3) THE SOMETHING ELSE. this mpls based blog is so fantastic.  I think it’s Ghostband’s blog. So many mpls events, music , etc. I’m gonna basically go there and repost shit CONSTANTLY.  check it out.  again, here’s that Link

4) Speaking of, mpls beatmaking vagabond MUX MOOL is releasing DRUM EP  2! cause 1 drum iz notta nuff.

5) Speaking of LINKS… seriously I am putting so much effort into linking stuff so CLICK THAT SHIT. please.

6) LOVING  the latest song FANTASY from artist DyE (france) latest release on the amazing Tigershushi label, out on iTunes for sure:

7) There seems to be some things I need to post about from MPLS electronic music events, I’ll add more later this week so stop back ok?  for now, lets get at it:


DOM TERRACE is putting on a new monthly at GANGCHEN on Nicollet ave. MPLS called “Potpourrie” (I loveeeee potpourri.. so smelly like a country kitchen), he’s a great guy and if you like an unpretentious night of good dance tunes, that will do it for you. The next one is Feb. 4, Sovietpanda is going to be doing a guest DJ slot.



January 28 at the TURF CLUB

doshy and hunxy


I already posted about ghostband’s release but I’m trying to be super comprehensive, ok?