Ok, I understand that Mr. Projectile is not local to Minneapolis anymore, he’s known as a “West Coast artist”.  But I cut my teeth, well round one at least, in the same breathing space as this guy.  The first live show I ever played as MUMRA, he fixed my huge, fucking audio problems at the venue (er coffee shop).  I did 2 bootleg remixes of his stuff the next day.  Maybe I should post that shit..t.  Anyway, that was in like 1949. Really nice (unless you’re a shithead at his show) and often under-appreciated, I always felt connected to his sound.  Very good music over the years…


Mr. Projectile, In the Fog EP

So, Mr. Projectile is releasing a new EP called IN THE FOG.   From what I understand you can buy the release here at Addictech.  Release date: Feb. 7, 2011.

sausage links:

In the Fog EP linkz

Mr. Projectile Facebook to get facetime with the fellow

Projectile on SoundCloud

HOLY SHIT! mr. projectile at MP3.com! what’s this place!?


Estate happen to be two very cool dudes from Minneapolis doing well (doing what they want, when they want, how they want.. if you can’t tell this by reading my blog by now, is the #1 important thing in life) and making a ton of music lately.  Estate’s label Mullet Records (UK) just released their highly popular artist Tesla Boy, along w/ an Estate remix, on Juno Records (MY FAVOURITE) January 31.   It’s Feb. already, so get on it.

What are my thoughts on the remix?





buy the release at JUNO RECORDS

be fans of Estate

Mullet Records, via the fossil dino of music sites

estate slam dance on ICE dj mix

twitter celebrity

January 28, 2011

goddamn everyone on twitter thinks they’re hot shit. when did we turn into such a society of wanna be celebrities?  everyone is guilty

So, I’m starting a newz thing WAZ UPZ MPLZ where I talk about what else but waz upz.  Here we go.. I like numbering things so I hope you like numbers for organizing thoughts:

1) I got my new computer.  It’s a f@cking beast.  I ended up getting a custom thing through TigerDirect, thanks Chris from the old school for the recommendation.   Here are the main stats: TWO 1 TB hds, 8GB RAM, Pentium i7 870@ 2.93 GHZ, a nice video card (can’t remember).  I got a decent price.  For FUN, I tested the speed (I am still getting music programs up and running so I can’t test by making actual music) by opening 30 song WAV files and it flew as fast as it would have before opening 30 5 second WAV files.  So it’s a beast, eh?  I hope to have it all sorted out by tomorrow and keep mixing the “TOKYO” EP!

2) I just saw a great quote on the latest Nyteowl EP “DETROIT” from Richard Atherton, who is apparently the founder of JUNO RECORDS (which is def. my favorite online record store for finding great dance tracks for DJing). He said this about our “DETROIT” EP – “Great release, can’t stop playing it!” HELL YEAH!  thanks sir.  I have not got a lot of feedback on this EP.  I mean acid jacks said they like it but they’re like my guardian angels sent from the heavens above because they’re always nice to me.  So, like I said JUNO records, great store, big respect, so a good thing to find out.

3) THE SOMETHING ELSE. this mpls based blog is so fantastic.  I think it’s Ghostband’s blog. So many mpls events, music , etc. I’m gonna basically go there and repost shit CONSTANTLY.  check it out.  again, here’s that Link

4) Speaking of, mpls beatmaking vagabond MUX MOOL is releasing DRUM EP  2! cause 1 drum iz notta nuff.

5) Speaking of LINKS… seriously I am putting so much effort into linking stuff so CLICK THAT SHIT. please.

6) LOVING  the latest song FANTASY from artist DyE (france) latest release on the amazing Tigershushi label, out on iTunes for sure:


7) There seems to be some things I need to post about from MPLS electronic music events, I’ll add more later this week so stop back ok?  for now, lets get at it:


DOM TERRACE is putting on a new monthly at GANGCHEN on Nicollet ave. MPLS called “Potpourrie” (I loveeeee potpourri.. so smelly like a country kitchen), he’s a great guy and if you like an unpretentious night of good dance tunes, that will do it for you. The next one is Feb. 4, Sovietpanda is going to be doing a guest DJ slot.



January 28 at the TURF CLUB

doshy and hunxy


I already posted about ghostband’s release but I’m trying to be super comprehensive, ok?


Nyteowl – Detroit

January 19, 2011

DETROIT EP (nyteowl)

Nyteowl, Detroit

My main project, Nyteowl is releasing a mini-EP or single (whatever you want to call it) called DETROIT on January 20, 2011 via my own NyteTraxx imprint.  We’re not having a release party and promotion has been pretty thin.  But the idea is my way of life this year – do what you want to do, when you want to do it.  In that way of thinking, look for Nyteowl to release a number of small works 2011.

We’ve been feeling RnB lately (KMOJ! DETROIT!) so I guess you could say we’re doing some indie RnB.  I feel like good RnB is all about love and affection.  and it tells about true emotion.   The feelings are honest.  (+ SEX) In that way, I can say im proud of these traxx.

Looking forward, everything new Nyteowl works on this year is a lot   s l  o   w     e    r.   That’s something you’ll notice with this EP and the next one, coming in APRIL called “TOKYO”.  We anticipate playing live shows to support TOKYO around  April 2011.  This album was mixed by alixander III (Toronto) and mastered by cepia (Huntley Miller) in St. Paul.  The release is available digitally at a ton of online music stores – I heard that Amazon.com is giving away a free track as a promo.  I also know Mpls blog Perfect Porridge posted some stuff a few months back.  Bottom line you can find these tracks free with even the smallest effort.  Enjoy.  But def. feel free to purchase at any retailer (Juno is awesome) below if you’re feeling it.  thanks.


NyteTraxx (including DETROIT) at Juno Records

Nyteowl at Amazon

Nyteowl at iTunes

Nyteowl at SoundCloud


January 17, 2011

I started doing some mumra traxx again.  digging around in some dirty vinyl getting inspired by that more than anything lateley.  Check out a few demos then………….





FAST 11 11





what the fk is buncha jim??

January 14, 2011

The last time I felt so idealistic about minneapolis electronic music was 1872, I set up an “electronic music showcase” at “the Cave” and this dude played glitchcore on his laptop.  He went to take a shit (not to be confused with talking shit) while he played his set.  No joke.  Then my friend’s project played, and a trio of asian girls said “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY HOUSE MUSIC!!!” (it was more of a demand) and this gave him stage fright for for 1 year.  (As bad as the guy who asked me to play lynard skynard when I played a solo set at the Kitty Cat once?  P L U R.

The second to last time I felt so idealistic about minneapolis inelectronic music was 1976 and I played a show at Gus Lucky’s gallery.  I played beats on my computer, and sang through a KAOSS pad.  It was the best show ever.  And then a side project of mine played beats on a turntable and 2 synths. And people actually sat in front of them (us) and listened!  to the whole show!!


what the FKKKK? is buncha jim??? 

(see you there)

Ghostband – Verdical

January 11, 2011

verdical album

Ghostband, Verdical

Ghostband is Minneapolis artist/musician Jon Davis.  His latest album “Verdical” is being released on cassette tomorrow (Jan 11, 2011) via probably my favorite local label at the moment, Moon Glyph.   The attention to warm sound and subtleties in recordings is a lost art.  These guys are doing what they want how they want when they want.  I like that.

Here’s a cool track, No Nutzzz:


Anyway, have you seen Jon?  He’s the guy with the huge beard and equally huge smile on his face, who (if you were laying on the ground below him) would look like this:


I have met him two or three times, and every time it’s fun because I meet him for the first time ever, all over again – and he always is introduced to me by cool people.  I don’t know him really though.  What I do know is he plays like 50 instruments, many styles, and he does experimental and ambient electronic music.  And it’s good.  Here’s all the info. on the release from his bandcamp page:

Assembled on the fly (“real-time performative production” according to artist Jon Davis), Ghostband’s “Verdical” is a construction of fetishized “glitch(es) and groove(s)” – individual compositions that transfigure through repetition, syncopation and red herring noises. It’s uncertain whether Davis has tapped into a contemporary mania or synthesized a manic – and, at times, maniacal – electronic sound response to the times. Either way, the album waxes feverish and never wanes, building and razing its pockets of pop catharsis in whims that appear both well-studied and fresh-eared.
Ed. of 150.
released 11 January 2011

LINKS!!!    (h i t    i t)

Click this link for the the Facebook page, along with links where to buy this release

Ghost band at Bandcamp

Ghost Band at SoundCloud

Moon Glyph

A few days ago, I decided to start blogging about as many new local (Minnesota) electronic music releases as possible.  I think the realization to do this came from the events stemming from my prior post.  Anyway, I was surprised that no-one is doing this – it’s important. However, with all the music I’m creating, there’s no way I can devote myself to full, in-depth pieces each time (but if anyone else wants to – let me know!). No less I would love to be an information source people can check out when they want to find all local Minneapolis electronic music. Think less heart warming praise – more spotlight on a variety of electronic music coming out of the Twin Cities.  When it comes to what and who goes up, I won’t be playing favorites. It’s very simple.  I will post any upcoming electronic music release from Minnesota projects – so let your friends know and send them my way.

Dom Davis

Dearling Physique - Deadeye Dealer

My first post on upcoming local releases is Dom Davis’ Dearling Physique first full length album.   Even though he’s a friend of mine, there’s just something about Dom I have not quite figured out yet, which is a good thing.   I do think he’s one of the most all-around creative people around here – his overall vision is fantastic.   The music is always dark and very interesting, his voice even more so… soulful mixed with a mournful cry.  He and his band will be releasing a new album called Deadeye Dealer on January 11, 2011.

Here is a song from the album called Discipline Your Hands:


Here’s a Kordan Remix of a track on his prior EP too……

Oh This Currency [Kordan Remix] by Arthur Bazaar Publishing

I highly suggest checking out Dearling Physique at the 7th Street Entry (1st ave nightclub) for the release show on Thursday, January 6 2011. Dom puts on great events, with so much energy into everything he does. and of course it’s a great venue. Here’s a Facebook link with the full event info.  Aaron and the Sea + Dada Trash Collage will be opening.  Dearling Physique is also having a cool video premiere at the Apple Store in uptown Minneapolis Friday January 7!

deadeye dealer

deadeye dealer

Here’s more info. to sink into…including twitter, FB, music links and Tour Dates! get at it then….

Dearling Physique Online





Upcoming Performances

01.06.11 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN

01.07.11 Apple Store in Uptown – “Discipline Your Hands” video premiere

01.11.11 Barfly Montreal, PQ

01.12.11 Monkey House Burlington, VT

01.13.11 Howler’s Pittsburgh, PA

01.14.11 Bar East NYC, NY

Last night, one of my Nyteowl songs was chosen by Jeff (Mojo) Marshall from Switchblade Comb blog as a “best of local music” from Minnesota music in 2010. He was a guest on MPR 89.3 The Current’s “The Local Show”, along with music critics from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, City Pages, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and “Cake in 15” blog. I didn’t even realize the song was chosen that way so it was pretty cool – especially because as far as I know, it was the first radio play for Nyteowl.

Even better, Mojo was saying he was hoping the electronic music scene would grow stronger here and that it was something I was trying to accomplish with my productions and record label. He’s right and I thank him.

I was in Detroit for Christmas and was streaming The Current through the internet, and after they played my track amongst a mostly non-electronic music list (I think a Lookbook remix of Zoo Animal was in there), a topic came up regarding “What would you like to see less of/more of in Minnesota music in 2011?”.

After a few comments, Ross from the St. Paul Pioneer Press said one thing he would like to see less of was so many “electro dance rock” bands that are “into the clothes” and many aren’t good, or they need to get better. Who is he talking about? Is he talking about live music? Recordings?

He went on to say he really likes “that style” (what style is that?), and that’s why hates to see it done mediocre or bad. After deleting my comments on Twitter (red wine and twitter are bad for posi-vibes), I wanted to follow up here with my thoughts on the whole thing.

First, overall the scene in the twin cities is still small. It takes a long time to build things up and his kind of comments are in poor form because they are telling people they shouldn’t be experimenting and trying things. It’s telling kids who might want to get into it to “AVOID THIS TREND IN 2011″… it’s a “bad trend if you are mediocre”. A healthy scene has people of all different skill levels experimenting and trying new music. Some “mediocre” electronic music to him may be the best out there to others.

Second, electronic music is NOT A TREND. It’s been going on for years -non stop. Everywhere. Doesn’t anyone think it’s unfair that “bad electronic music” is a “trend” this guy is tired of? Minneapolis music critics don’t respect electronic music – that’s proof. What about “bad guitar music”?

Another thing that bothered me – only 15 minutes earlier Mojo (Jeff) mentioned his dream of more electronic music in the twin cities, and shortly after that my track was played. Next thing you know, Ross is pretty much dissing the scene (except Lookbook). Poor form, poor timing.

2010 was a pretty big year for Minneapolis electronic music. There are different people doing different kinds of electronic music (very well). I am friends with many people who took huge steps in their arts/ music careers this year. 2011 we need to grow with that- not detract. Not every type of music is “album based”. Not every album “tells a story of life or death”. Not every type of music is “Song based”. Not every type of music involves a guitar or is socially conscious. Finally, not every genre of music is at the same growth cycle in Minnesota. I don’t like when critics who don’t really understand something tell people what they’re “tired of”. Don’t music critics get paid for critical thinking?