Everliving Sound

April 12, 2011

officially starting my new record label, Everliving Sound. It’s not pop music, not experimental, no one genre ..just good “thought provoking music” spanning songwriter/RnB/electronic and all the space between.  So far, all plans are for MPLS artists.  very excited


I’m happy to present my latest Nyteowl songs – TOKYO EP. We pretty much created these songs last summer. Tim was in Tokyo on vacation and I was in Minneapolis – it all came together last week.  But also, last week was a difficult time for Japan and the world. We need to keep Tokyo/Japan and all those affected in our heart and mind and take action to donate $$ if at all possible. While this EP has no direct relation to the recent catastrophic events in Japan, it hopefully it will help us reflect upon the situation often.

Here’s a link to donate to Japan via Paypal

Twin Cities Metro Mag – how to help Japan

More on donating from US Gov

Finally, if you didn’t hear the good news, we’re happy because Juno Records (UK) is going to have a new label “Love Interest Records” and we’re going to be the first artist release via 12″/digi worldwide. We love Juno and are so incredibly thankful. Look for it soon.. the release will be called “Love of Mine” (Original release on “detroit ep”, january 2011).

Tokyo Time!

Nyteowl, Tokyo EP

1) Sleepwalking
2) Light of Youth
3) Tokyo Time
4) Sleepwalking (Alix III instrumental mix)
5) Light of Youth (Alix III instrumental mix)

Tracks 1-3 mixed by J.Conlon (Minneapolis), tracks 4-5 mixed by Alixander III in Toronto. Mastered by Huntley Miller in St. Paul, MN. Guest vocals from the fantastic Raechel Bosch, recorded by Ryan Olcott in Minneapolis, MN. Guitar from Todd Cushing (Detroit, MI). Photo by Cato Strømsvik.

Tentative Release Date: June 7, 2011

Here are some songs from the lot via Sound Cloud-  hope you like them!!

Pre-sale at Bandcamp:


Nyteowl // NyteTraxx


Does anyone have a sampler I can use for a week this summer? ie) my Roland SP-808 has good fx I was using for some production but its ZIP drive is not working for some reason. Pretty open to what kind as long as it has internal FX.  Thanks.

this is my LIFE today. this is huge.

You can’t read it 100% because of clipping, so go here to read the rest:
Nyteowl on Myspace

It’s an exciting day – the first vinyl release for my label is going to hit the press this week. I tested the vinyl with Peter (sovietpanda) and I’m going to roll them out. It will be limited edition, 300 12″, two side pressing! We’re also finalizing art, digital masters, and CD art so I can get moving on the CD and digital release. More info. coming soon, but the release date for this is now November 14, 2009 with a party at First Ave., TML to give it a proper launch. My first “major” release so I’m excited. I look forward to getting this music out there.


Julian Aznar’s, Electric Gigolo – VIDEO TEASER #1

Well, I’m going to try and start blogging more than just posting remixes. And so here’s a little update on a cool project that has been taking up my time the past week – THE JUNO EP.

I purchased my Juno-6 around 1 year ago, and when I started making tracks that sounded like Flaming Lips vs Air. Then, I entered a few remix contests and the sound became more produced, but still very warm and simple.  That’s because I only used my Juno-6 and also, my then new Crumar Multiman S/2 to make the tracks. With a different sound than my Nyteowl music, Lova D. Dova came about as a way to experiment with my new synth.

The Lova

The Lova

Fast forward to today – again, working on a few tracks I made only a few months after getting my Juno. This will be the Juno EP. They have influences sometimes similar to Nyteowl, but the sound is more rooted in late 70’s and early 80’s RnB, italo, and motown.

Anyway, in the past 3 weeks I found someone to do vocals for 2 of these songs because I didn’t really want to keep my demo vox. Yesterday I enlisted someone to do the final mixes for these songs. So, now I’m thinking.. shit.. here we have a side project (yet another side project).  I’m not saying who the vocalist or final mixer is, but I will say they areboth on the rise in MPLS, and the person mixing is def. on the rise internationally.

Crumar & Juno

Crumar & Juno

The Juno EP is my “art” project while I keep working on the Nyteowl first full length. For me, it’s still pop music, but “art” as well. It’s spotaneous and fun.  I call it post apocolyptic RnB – and I will be releasing this on NyteTraxx.  Molly Kroeten is doing the art.  We are recording vocals with Ryan Olcott on Friday, and then I hand off mixes.  More info. soon!!

True to Form

March 31, 2009



Lookbook, True to Form (Nyteowl italo Mix Preview)