nyteowl needs music art. possibly for 2 EPssszz!

October 20, 2010

Hey, Nyteowl is looking for someone to make art for 2 EPs.  The first is called “Detroit EP” and it’s late 70’s / early 80’s RnB kind of music.  In MPLS? Listen to 89.9 KMOJ, “the people’s station” at noon or 8am morning mix for an idea.  I suppose it’s similar on some level to that….. Anyway, the art is important to me for this one.

The second is “Tokyo EP” and it’s more of the slow electronic jams, some w/ vox, w/ not so much RnB influence but it’s there. more so nostalgic overall vibe.

Finally, we need to find some way to do a limited limited CD pressing for these EPs.  Like, cheaply.  So, let me know if you have any ideas on anything.  Thanks..

by the way, two artists made the art for the prior 4 NyteTraxx releases… so I mean this is what was done before.. while I love the NT 001 “bring back da funk” art (Mandre influence), Detroit EP I don’t want like that at all… check the art HERE:



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